Full Circle Music Academy: The Products Area

Our mission is to empower those who are pursuing professional music careers through teaching and coaching. You can either learn from mistakes or from mentors. We would love to be your mentors.

Song Chasers

This course is a full scale, complete look at the process of writing consistent, hit, commercial songs. Songwriting is a lifestyle; let's master it.

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The Marketing Workshop

A deep dive into our top four favorite marketing tools for musicians, as well as a discussion on sales tactics, affiliates, and website messaging.

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Virtual Coffee Date with Seth Mosley

Sit down with Seth Mosley. He'll outline exactly what you should be working towards if you really want to have a successful career in music.

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Music Production Mastery

A complete look at our production process from a song's beginning (songwriting and pre-production) to its completion (editing, mixing, and mastering).

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